The education system

The education system :

Education is the impartation of discovered information to willing students who wish to learn….

Some wish to learn Mathematics,
Some wish to learn Arithmetic,
Some wish to learn a language
Some wish to go home

Some wish to play a game
Some wish to tie the score
Some just have a love of the game
Doesn’t matter, who scores…

Some sing a song,
Some write a tune,
Some listen to it all,
And some lose their cool…

It doesn’t really matter
Everyone’s not the same
We all start in the garden
Then we go on our way

Some stay in the garden
Some stay in the fields
Some play on music
And some like iron ore

It’s really alright…
Just what you do
Doesn’t have to be something
Just anything will do….

But when kids are children
And they need a place
To recreate for a while
To play a game…

We give them a space there
Or here or everywhere
Where they all can congregate
And spend the day…

And they sit together, or sit apart
They listen to the teacher
Teaching at the start

They get a little exercise
To do at the end of the class
They do the exercise there,
And then they go on home….

Show their parents what they did
When they were alone
And their parents are so relieved
There’s nothing more to do…

So we provide the choices….
In all our schools
A game, a song, a dance, a skit
Or just plain old academics….

Got to give the choice
To see what they like
To see what they’re good at
To see where they shine…..

And then it’s all together
And who knows what happens next
We just provide the environment
And it’s all upto them…

They can choose what they wish,
Study for a bit,
If they like what they study
They can keep on doing it….

But if they don’t like it
Then we allow them all
To shift to where they’re comfortable
Yeah, they’re all long gone…

Call them back, gently now
And see if they will come
They’re waiting for an invitation

Why are they waiting for an invitation?
Ya it takes two to tango
Can’t do it alone

But since I’m so used to it..
Yeah, I go my way alone….

You can walk by my side,
If you are inclined,
It’s up to you, where you go,
But you have your life..

Two trees entwined,
Cannot separate….

They’ve grown up like this now,
Yeah, they keep that way….

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